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About Us

Here at Rent Now - Buy Later we strive to provide Home Ownership to those who can financially afford it but are stopped by the restrictions and high hoops enforced by the High Street banks. Starting from a simple application process, a tailor-made Home Ownership plan is designed specifically for you to own one of our properties.

With our Rent Now, Buy Later opportunities you are a Home Owner from the day you step through the front door; no more tenancy limitations set out by landlords.

We can help you if you are bankrupt, self employed, have insufficient accounts, don’t have sufficient residence in the UK or any other reason preventing you from achieving Home Ownership conventionally.

Rent Now, Buy Later is a conventional means of selling and buying property in Canada and the USA. Within the UK Rent Now, Buy Later is a major player when transacting commercial property. For over 15 years Lindsay Naylor, Director of the Property Exchange Group, has bought and sold property in the UK using Rent Now, Buy Later opportunities and currently has over 150 Tenant Buyers!!.

As part of an expansion plan, Rent Now, Buy Later is an affiliate of the Property Exchange Group, Estate Agents with multiple branches in England.

Should your hard work and efforts on improving your property increase the value of your home, just like Home Owners you will retain the increased equity.

Approaching the end of your Rent Now, Buy Later term; our team of Mortgage and Financial Advisors will get you prepared for purchasing your home out of our program using a conventional mortgage, supplied by a normal High Street lender such as a Bank. Throughout the duration of your term with us we provide support services to ensure you can acquire your home out of our program and if things change you can always choose to sell it.

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