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Tenant Buyer Testimonials

Here you can listen the some of the stories from our customers and their experiance working with us at Rent now, Buy later.

These customers speak about the reasons they were unable to secure a conventional mortgage and the life changes of home ownership.

Ben Kens amazing transfer!

Ben Kennedy talks about how rentnow-buylater helped him move from his flat into a house with a garden.

Steve, Rosie and baby

Rent now, Buy later is another path to home ownership for when the banks simply aren't lending.

Dillions exciting story

Dillion tells us what home ownership means to a young man unable to own his own 'palace'

Steve and Jans unique opportunity

Tomaz Diaz & Jeannette Lehmann

Tomaz Diaz & his partner Jeannette Lehmann used our services and this is what they had to say.

Sarah Webb and Justin Ives

Sarah Webb and Justin Ives talk about what the Rent Now - Buy Later opportunity has meant to them.

Ray & Diane Bonfield

Ray & Diane Bonfield also used Rent Now - Buy Later to move into their perfect home.

Paul and Sandra Tremayne

Paul and Sandra Tremayne used rentnow-buylater to help them achieve their life long dream of maving to Malaysia

Arthur and Chantelle's story

Arthur and Chantelle used rentnow-buylater to help them achieve their dream of owning their own home

Pat and Leah Lake's fix me up and I'm yours

Pat, Leah (and Oscar) Lake tell us about how fix me up and I'm yours gave them the stability they needed to start a family!